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Vi-2.2  (CMM 0.5 outside USA) CAPACITY - 2.2 gpm
Vi-26 (UVM-6 outside USA) CAPACITY - 26 gpm
Vi-65 (UVM-15 outside USA) CAPACITY - 65 gpm

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Regular Reclamation Of Oil Every 10 Years DOUBLES Transformer's Service Life

The service life of most transformers however, can be extended if timely preventive maintenance procedures and programs are implemented.  Ideally, a sound preventive maintenance program should be implemented early in the transformer life cycle, but even older transformers can benefit and experience an extended service life with the GlobeCore Process and the GlobeCore Service Life Extension Program.

Regeneration of transformer oil, using the GlobeCore Process can extend average transformer service life by 25 to 30 years.

As a transformer’s insulting oil ages, it oxidizes and begins to break down giving rise to by-products that produce sludge, acids, and other undesirable contaminates that attack the chemical bonds that hold the cellulose insulation together.  In other words, the insulating oil becomes aggressive towards the insulating paper and begins the extremely detrimental paper degradation process that can ultimately end in a catastrophic transformer failure.

THE SOLUTION: Transformer Oil Reclamation

The main principle of Oil Regeneration is to cleanse and purify the insulating oil by pumping the oil through a sorbent material such as Fuller’s Earth.  During this process, the oil undergoes “molecular filtration” in the micro porous adsorbent material.  The By-Products of oil aging (burnt deposits, hydro-peroxides, ketones, carboxylic acids, aldehydes, phenols, etc.) are removed and stay in the Fuller’s Earth granules.  Fuller’s Earth is a naturally occurring clay that poses no environmental danger and can be disposed of as a construction waste after its absorbing properties have been exhausted. GlobeCore regeneration units utilize the GlobeCore Process and are designed to operate with multiple sorbent filter columns.  The columns can be either in oil filtration mode or adsorbent reactivation mode.  As oil processing proceeds, the regeneration unit will switch between oil regeneration and sorbent reactivation.  The switch takes place automatically when the absorbent has accumulated a certain amount of contaminants.  This feature is managed by the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA) and allows the regeneration of oil to proceed continuously without stopping to replace and dispose of spent sorbent material.

Remedial Actions: Transformer Oil Reclamation

Summary of Typical Oil Parameters before and after Regeneration using the GlobeCore CMM-R Transformer Oil Regeneration Unit

Reactivation of the sorbent is fully automated and enables the GlobeCore Regeneration Unit to process oil using the same Fuller’s Earth up to 300 regeneration cycles. This gives the regeneration unit the ability to regenerate transformer oil for between 2 and 3 years before sorbent replacement is required. At the final stage of of the oil regeneration process an inhibitor additive can be injected into the processed oil. The optimal volume of the inhibitor injected in the oil is between 0.3 and 0.4% of total volume. The "Inhibitor Additive" is dissolved in a small portion of regenerated oil and pumped into the main flow from an inhibitor block that is part of the regeneration unit.

GlobeCore Oil Regeneration units treat any mineral oil and restores that oil to the same or better condition then when the oil was new and unused. Oil Regeneration using the GlobeCore Process provides a better and lower cost alternative to oil replacement as treated oil parameters in most cases surpass those offered by new oil as can be seen in the table below.

Parameter Test Methods Standard Value BS 148:2009 Before regeneration After regeneration
Appearance Visual Clear, free from sediments and suspended matter Cloudy brown Clear and transparent
Acid number, mg КОН/g IEC 296;

ASTM D-664

≤ 0,03 0,63 0,01
Corrosive sulphur ISO 5662; ASTM D-1275 Non Corrosive Present None
Moisture content, ppm

IEC 733;

ASTM D-1533

≤ 20 170 5
Breakdown voltage, kV

IEC 156;

ASTM D-1816

≥ 30 11 73
Dielectric loss tangent at 194ºF

IEC 247;

ASTM D-924

≤ 0.005 4,0 0.001
Gas content, % IEC 60599; ASTM D-3612 - 12 0.1
Surface tension, mН/m, at 77ºF ISO 6295; ASTM D-2285 - 22 45
Mechanical contaminants size, micron   Clear, free from sediments and suspended matter 50 0.2
Oxidation stability: mg КОН/g IEC 1125А; IEC 1125B; IP-307 ≤ 1.2 - 0.2

Some of our clients are:




Mr. Shekanabo, the United Republic of Tanzania:

«I can only say good things about GlobeCore mills. After seeing the production facility, I had no doubts that this is a serious and reliable company with professional staff, and the system works like a clock. Of course, the production itself seems complicated, but the equipment is powerful and rugged.»


HARRISON A. McCOY, III, Hawaiian Islands:

«We have been observing operation of GlobeCore for many years: these guys really do make outstanding equipment for transformer oil regeneration in the field. Transformer’s can be services without the need to shut them down. 1 micron filtration and drying to 2 ppm are really impressive.»


Mr. Patel, the United Republic of Tanzania

«I want to wish GlobeCore success in the future and I think we will maintain our cooperation for many more years. May you have as many successful products and new developments as possible.»

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