Transformer Oil Purification in the Marine Environment


GlobeCore manufactures equipment for transformer oil reclamation in the marine environment that has the following characteristics:

(1) compact in size; (2) explosion-proof design; (3) protection from moisture; (4) vibration dampening; and (5) protection from salt-water corrosion issues.

11667442_804952062957881_5192054319660316997_nGlobeCore’s Clean Marine Offshore Oil Processing Systems provide vacuumizing of transformers as well as the purification of transformer oils by removing mechanical impurities, water, gasses, and unwanted contaminants.

The following is a list of benefits of the GlobeCore Clean Marine Oil Processing Equipment:

(1) oil is restored to new like condition (the breakdown voltage is increased and the acidity is reduced)

(2) reduced need to buy and transport oil

(3) oil service life is extended and transformer service life is extended

(4) no hazardous waste and and risk of damage to the environment

GlobeCore Clean Marine Oil Processing equipment may be operated in the following modes:

  • transformer heat up (oil is heated and filtered)
  • oil degassing (oil is filtered, dried and degassed)
  • transformer vacuumizing

GlobeCore specializes in making equipment for transformer oil processing in the marine environment.

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