2 Globecore Oil Purification Units Being Used at a Wind Farm in Texas. This was a rental.

GlobeCore strives to participate in all possible alternatives energy sources development.

GlobeCore offers rentals of the equipment for electrical insulation oil reclamation and power transformers maintenance.

It was the latter option that was chosen by one of American electric power companies to service the transformers of their wind farms in Texas.

GlobeCore was contracted to rent two CMM-4/7 oil purification units. The product is designed to degas, dehydrate, filter and heat the oil for 1150 kV transformers.

The Oil Purifier CMM-4/7 can also be used to heat oil-filled electrical equipment with hot transformer oil, vacuum-dry transformers and pull vacuum on external equipment

GlobeCore products extend the lifetime of wind farm transformers and improve reliability of alternative power generation.


обновлено: February 13, 2017 автором: globecore