Application of the plant and proces description


At present, more than 40% of transformers in use by energy enterprises are over 25 years old.  Annual transformer failure rate has been steadily rising in the past few years.

Regardless of methods used to analyze failures, the results of such analysis indicate the most vulnerable parts of the transformer are the main winding insulation, voltage regulators and taps.

Replacement of all aging transformers is hardly possible, considering the economic realities. However, actual life time of many transformers is far from over. This life time can be extended, and required operational reliability can be maintained.

Oil regeneration plant offered by Globecore expands transformers’ lifespan refurbishing dielectric durability and chemical composition of insulating oils.

Being refurbished, oil dismisses decay’s outputs and acidity; it also gains blanching, acidity resistance, and brakes soluting gases.

Regeneration plants are unique to regenerate insulating oils inside operating transformer as well as inside the one off. On-site regeneration dissolves sediment accumulated by winding insulation and then removes it by means of sorbent. Regeneration plant has a definite superiority of Fuller earthsorbent to repeatedly refine its properties. This results in steady oil treatment not to be broken by sorbent replacement or filling.

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